There is no present without a past, and this also goes for EMS

The first building block was laid down in 1987 when the company was established with very little starting capital. During the pioneering years, we worked extremely hard to build up a network of suppliers and clients. EMS evolved rapidly thanks to a maximum effort combined with a sound knowledge of the international transport world, as well as rich commercial experience in the world of bearings. EMS closed its first year in business with a sizeable turnover. It grew as the years went by, and nowadays 85% of its business is made up of exports.
Doing good business has a lot to do with making strategic choices. When a British competitor of EMS went bankrupt in 1993, we decided to take over its client database. So we opened our first branch abroad. The serving managers had been the sales and office managers in the previous company.
Now, EMS Group is one of Europe's leading Power Transmission production and distribution organizations with several in-house and world class Bearing and Power Transmission brands. We are exporting today his in-house and other brands to more than 63 countries worldwide. EMS Group distributes today more than 18.000 references of bearings and other transmission components;
with the help of her 150 employers to more than 1.700 customers worldwide.
The Group has one of the largest stock of Europe for Bearings, a wide production range up to 4000mm diameter, manufactured accordingly to the ISO norms, a very competetive price-quality ratio, in-house design and engineering for a wide range of applications.

The main operations of the organization are devided in 4 locations worldwide

1) Headquarter Europe (Belgium)
• Main Headquarter
• Distribution center for all world
• Production
• Quality control laboratories
2) Headquarter East Asia (China)
• Distribution center for Asia
• Production
• Quality control laboratories
3) Headquarter South America (Brazil)
• Distribution center for South America
4) Headquarter Middle-East (Turkey)
• Distribution center for Middle-East and North Africa